Template:Infobox BB episode (w/Dave) The Big Brother 7 special which was part of the third series was first broadcast on the 18 August 2006.

The GuestsEdit

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Dom Joly 1st Appearance
Lea Walker 1st Appearance
Dave's Team Jason Manford 2nd Appearance
Grace Adams-Short 1st Appearance
Studio Guests
Eugene Sully • Nadia Almada • Jayne Kitt • Shahbaz Chauhdry • Mikey Dalton • Jade Goody


What Are You Talking About?Edit

1. Drama Queen Nikki 91%
2. Housemates Reunited 86%
3. Grace - Totally Bitchin' 77%

The Pole With a HoleEdit

  • 76% of Big Brother applicants want to be TV presenters.
  • 19% of women think that Grace is a good role model.
  • 15% of Big Brother viewers say that Lea reminds them of themselves.

Face OffEdit

Person "Who'd Make the Best James Bond" "Most Like to Go on Holiday With"
Nadia Almada 10% 13%
Jade Goody 14% 35%
Shahbaz Chauhdry 15% 8%
Eugene Sully 28% 11%
Jayne Kitt 9% 16%
Mikey Dalton 24% 17%

And the Winner Is...Edit

  • Most annoying habit a housemate can have: Not washing
  • Most emotional housmate ever: Nikki Grahame
  • Most common audition piece at Big Brother auditions: Telling a joke

Final scoresEdit

The final score was 6-6 so it was a dead heat making "everyone a winner".

8 out of 10 Cats: Series 3 episodes
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