8 Out of 10 Cats: Episode




Air Date

30 August 2007

Main Panel

Jimmy Carr
Sean Lock
Jason Manford

Sean's Guests

James Corden
Gerry Stergiopoulos

Jason's Guests


Sean's Team won


Series 5: Episode 6


Series 6: Episode 1

The Big Brother 8 special which was part of the fifth series was first broadcast on the 30 August 2007.

The GuestsEdit

Team Guests #
Sean's Team James Corden
Gerry Stergiopoulos
Dave's Team Charley Uchea
Danny Wallace


What Are You Talking About?Edit

1. Charley Gets up your Nose 91%
2. Brian's Brain 89%
3. Getting Chiggy With It' 75%

The Poll With a HoleEdit

  • 13% of viewers would like Big Brother to impose a ban on make-up in the house.
  • 31% of Brits say that Gerry reminds them of George Michael.
  • 20% of Brits think Charley should have her own talk show.

Face OffEdit

Person "Most Want To Perform Brain Surgery On You" "Who'd Make the Best Pub Lanlord?" "Whose Diary You Most Want to Read"
Billi Bhatti 7% 8% 5%
Eugene Sully 41% 11% 13%
Shabnam Paryani 19% 12% 7%
Nikki Grahame 8% 10% 34%
Tracey Barnard 13% 23% 22%
Lea Walker 12% 36% 19%

And the Winner Is...Edit

  • Celebrity the public would most like to see in the Big Brother house: Mr. T
  • Most entertaining housemate ever: Nikki Grahame

Final scoresEdit

Sean's team beat Jason's team 8-6.

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