Episode 1
Title Series 1, Episode 1
Air date 3 June 2005
Host Jimmy Carr
Left team Mel Giedroyc
Sean Lock
Richard Madeley
Right team Simon Amstell
Dave Spikey
Lee Mack
Result Sean's Team Won
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The first episode of the first series was first broadcast on the 3 June 2005.

The Guests

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Mel Giedroyc
Richard Madeley
Dave's Team Simon Amstell
Lee Mack


What Are You Talking About?

1. That Crazy Frog 57%
2. The Future of Europe 55%
3. Live 8 48%
4. Big Brother is Back 44%
5. Naughty Chelsea 39%

The Pole With a Hole

  • 7% of UK kids don't know how to eat an orange.
  • On average, policemen spend two minutes per day taking statements.
  • Southerners are five times more likely to dial 999 than Northerners.
  • 69% of people think that encountering a vehicle would spoil their enjoyment of a country walk.
  • By the year 2015 half the world's population will speak English.
  • 17% of British women are kept awake each night by their partner's snoring.

Face Off

Person "Most Like to Have on Your Pub Quiz team?" "Cope Best in Prison?" "Trust to perform Heart Bypass Surgery on You?"
Prince Harry 15% 5% 5%
David Blunkett 28% 9% 3%
Pope Benedict XVI 9% 28% 41%
Wayne Rooney 3% 23% 2%
Cherie Blair 31% 3% 28%
Chewbacca the Wookiee 14% 32% 21%

And the Winner Is...

  • Most dissapointing holiday destination: Andorra.
  • Most frequently told lie: You don't look fat in that.
  • Hardest thing to open: Bleach bottles.

Final scores

Sean's team defeated Dave's team 14 points to 7.

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