Episode 7
Title Series 1, Episode 7
Air date 15 July 2005
Host Jimmy Carr
Left team Janet Street-Porter
Sean Lock
Patrick McGuinness
Right team Lee Mack
Dave Spikey
Trisha Goddard
Result Sean's Team Won
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The seventh episode of the first series was first broadcast on the 15 July 2005.

The Guests

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Janet Street-Porter
Patrick McGuinness
Dave's Team Lee Mack
Trisha Goddard


What's the Poll

The following appeared on the "pet hate of white van drivers" poll:

  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Posh People
  • Manchester United
  • Elton John
  • Squeegee Merchant

The Pole With a Hole

  • 93% of people who watch more than two and a half hours of TV a day are overweight.
  • 65% of circus performers are Catholic.
  • 77% of women believe they are highly intuitive.

Face Off

Person "Diary most want to read" "Most want to make bestman speech" "Best guest on Trisha"
Jesus 31% 30% 8%
George W. Bush 10% 10% 8%
Charlotte Church 38% 25% 25%
Siegfried & Roy 3% 4% 7%
Queen Elizabeth II 15% 3% 39%
Spider-Man 3% 28% 13%

And the Winner Is...

  • Worst thing about shopping: Queing to pay
  • What men look for in a male friend: Good sense of humour
  • World's most baffling unexplained mystery: The Loch Ness Monster

Final scores

Sean's team defeated Dave's team 8 points to 5.

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