Episode 9
Title Series 1, Episode 9
Air date 29 July 2005
Host Jimmy Carr
Left team Jayne Middlemiss
Sean Lock
Scott Capurro
Right team Rob Rouse
Dave Spikey
Result Sean's Team Won
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The ninth episode of the first series was first broadcast on the 29 July 2005.

The Guests

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Jayne Middlemiss
Scott Capurro
Dave's Team Johnny Vegas
Rob Rouse


What Are You Talking About?

1. The London Bombings
2. We Have Lift Off! 43%
3. The Class of '60 41%
4. The Tour De Lance 38%
5. Drought! 35%

The Pole With a Hole

  • One in four golfers is a manual worker.
  • Accountants read for pleasure more than any other professionals.
  • 62% of Brits think their grandmother is usually right.

What's the Poll?

The following appeared on "America's favourite British people" poll:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Rod Stewart
  • Simon Cowell
  • Supernanny: Jo Frost

And the Winner Is...

  • What boys want to be when they grow up: Train drivers
  • What girls want to be when they grow up: Nurses
  • Most difficult everyday object to use: Video recorder

Final scores

Sean's team defeated Dave's team 8 points to 5.

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