Episode 15
Title Series 2, Episode 5
Air date 10 March 2006
Host Jimmy Carr
Left team Krishnan Guru-Murthy
Sean Lock
Les Dennis
Right team Frankie Boyle
Dave Spikey
Chantelle Houghton
Result Sean's Team Won
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The fifth episode of the second series was first broadcast on the 10 March 2006.

The Guests

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Krishnan Guru-Murthy 2nd appearance
Les Dennis 1st appearance
Dave's Team Frankie Boyle 3rd appearance
Chantelle Houghton 1st appearance


What Are You Talking About?

1. Tessa's Troubles 60%
2. God To Judge Blair 49%
3. The Oscars 2006 47%
4. No to Term-Time Holidays 38%
5. Chico's No.1! 33%

The Pole With a Hole

  • 25% of women pretend to be pleased when their partner gives them underwear.
  • 80% of Brits think monkeys should not be kept as pets.

Believe It or Not

  • True or False, Britain is the angriest nation in Europe.

  • True or False, 12% of British men admit having been reduced to tears during a shopping trip.

And the Winner Is...

  • Most entertaining moment of 2005: England winning the ashes
  • Most common way people mistreat pet rabbits: Not giving the rabbits clean water

Final scores

Sean's team defeated Dave's team 8 points to 5.

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