Episode 69
Title Series 9, Episode 1
Air date 8 January 2010
Host Jimmy Carr
Left team Claudia Winkleman
Sean Lock
Shappi Khorsandi
Right team Jamelia
Jason Manford
Charlie Clements
Result Draw
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The first episode of the ninth series was first broadcas on the 8 January 2010.

The Guests

Team Guests #
Sean's Team Claudia Winkleman 6th appearance
Shappi Khorsandi 2nd appearance
Jason's Team Jamelia 3rd appearance
Charlie Clements 1st appearance


What Are You Talking About?

1. Total Whiteout 89%
2. Knock Knock – Hoon's There? 39%
3. Check-in You Out 38%
4. CBB – Beginning of the End 37%
5. Wossy Does a Wunner 23%

Pick of the Polls

  • Sean's team selected the magician's hat and wand (top right)
    • Question: True or False, 67% of people believe in magic? — False.

  • Jason's team selected the Albert Square sign (top left)
    • Question: Which do the studio audience prefer, Eastenders or Coronation Street? — Eastenders which received 76% of the votes.

And the Winner Is...

  • New year's resolution that's most difficult to keep: To do more exercise
  • Britain's favourite zoo animal: Tiger

Final scores

The final score was 5-5 so it was a dead heat making "everyone a winner".

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